Custom Business Solutions increasing your efficiency and saving you money

We create beautiful and secure custom business solutions, built to custom fit your unique needs and requirements, thereby improving your workflows, increasing your efficiency and saving you money. Either hosted with FileMaker Server and accessed from Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and the web or as a stand alone application. By using FileMaker you are not shoehorned into a one app fits all, the flexibility of FileMaker allows us to develop outstanding solutions to your workflows.

FileMaker has been on the market for over 20 years with over 13 million units  sold around the world. Those benefiting by using FileMaker include Universities, schools and businesses of all sizes, and 70% of the Fortune 100 companies. There is also an aircraft engine manufacturer that uses FileMaker to control all maintenance and service logistics of their engines world wide!

The FileMaker platform is a popular cross-platform database solution and is the only all in one cross platform database solution that integrates Windows, Mac, web access via FileMaker WebDirect and iOS utilising the free FileMaker Go for iPads, iPhones, either as a stand alone application or via FileMaker Server where all data is shared in real time.

There is something amazing about FileMaker (beyond its 20-year lifespan) – it's one of the technology industry's most successful and robust cross platform software packages. Much more than simply a back-end relational database, FileMaker is an entire platform for building multi-user applications at a fraction of the cost of enterprise-level development projects. We don't need to have a multitude of products that all work together to develop the end product. This in the end is all about more ways to save your money.

We are able to prototype in FileMaker and show you a working demo of how your system will work, and using the same prototype as the working system.

With FileMaker we can build rich interfaces, reporting modules, robust data analytics, and a wide array of process tools that can make a huge difference for almost any business in the world.

Is there a business task or process that you'd like to easily manage?
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